Scrap Metals & End of Life Vehicles

C B Environmental Ltd is licensed under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 and the only authorised End of Life Vehicle facility in the Aberystwyth area.

From Aberystwyth to Bow Street, Borth, Machynlleth, Capel Dewi, Penrhyncoch, Capel Bangor, Goginan, Ponterwyd, Llanilar, Llanrhystud, Llanon, Aberaeron, New Quay and the Tregaron areas.

Scrap Metal Recycling

We accept a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and various grades of cable (see below) and offer competitive prices based on current market prices and our location. We pay by either cheque (minimum scrap value for cheque payments is £10) or bank transfer and we will require suitable ID from anyone wishing to sell us scrap metal. We also accept commercial scrap metals and will pay invoices presented on company headed paper with a valid VAT number.

As specified in the current scrap metal regulations a number of restrictions apply regarding acceptable ID as stated below:

One of the following documents will be acceptable on its own if it includes the person’s full name, photograph and residential address:

•             a valid United Kingdom passport, within the meaning of section 33(1) of the Immigration Act 1971(1); or

•             a valid passport issued by an EEA state; or

•             a valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland photo-card driving licence; or

•             a valid UK biometric immigration document, issued in accordance with regulations made under section 5 of the UK Borders Act 2007.

If the above does not include all of the person’s full name, photograph and residential address, then one of the following will also be required:

•             a bank or building society statement, or

•             a credit or debit card statement, or

•             a council tax demand letter or statement, or

•             a utility bill, but not a mobile telephone bill.

The date on which the document in question was issued must not be more than three months before the date when the scrap metal is received by the scrap metal dealer.

For repeat suppliers, a scrap metal dealer can verify the name and address by referring to a copy of the document(s) retained in their records which were used to verify name and address before the first transaction.

We will accept the following grades of scrap metal and cable for which we will pay (no cash payments, suitable ID required): 

Mixed light ferrous (general scrap includes: cookers etc. beyond repair, filing cabinets, corrugated sheeting etc.)

Mixed heavy ferrous (includes: cast iron baths, steam pipes, RSJ’s, etc.)

Stainless steel

Mixed copper (includes: painted piping, braziery jointing, etc.)

Copper cylinders (weight deductions will be made for lagging and if the element is still fitted)

Copper/Aluminium radiators

Aluminium (mixed with no plastic coating or any ferrous fixtures, etc.)

Aluminium (cast e.g. garden furniture, guttering, etc.)

Aluminium (alloy wheels)

Alloy (i.e. irony aluminium)



Clean motors (metal casing, no pumps etc. attached)

Dirty motors (plastic casing, with pumps attached, etc.)

Car batteries

Cars (already de-polluted and stripped)

Mixed Cable (includes data cable)

Cable (grey, household)

Cable (pyro - orange with shielding)

Cable (armoured)

Cable (stripped)

Please note: we will also accept ‘Dirty Scrap’ for which there will be no payment made, this includes: complete bicycles, folding garden chairs, rotary washing lines (with line still attached), livestock fencing (no posts), etc.

Please contact 01970-624347 for more information.


End of Life Vehicles

We are now accepting ELV’s for depollution and recycling as the latest addition to our waste management services.

We have a modern, fully equipped and fully licensed facility to accept domestic and commercial vehicles and we pay competitive prices based on the weight of the vehicle and current market value. The facility includes a dedicated indoors depollution area with hydraulic lift and fluids recovery and containment systems which provides a safe working area where scrap vehicles can be processed with minimal risk to the environment.

DVLA Certificates of Destruction can be issued when a valid log book (V5C Registration Document) is presented and the Vehicle Identification Number confirmed.

A collection service is available however a charge for this may be required.

Please contact 01970-624347 for more information.